An emotional mess

I didn't realize how much I sucked at trusting God with my emotions - I am an emotional mess.

I was so good at spilling my guts out , spilling the tea, to my girlfriends but not to God. Most of the time the advice I was given DIDN'T EVEN WORK !

It didn't work because they didn't know my heart and every detail of my feelings like God does.

I was an emotional mess because I was looking for help in the wrong places . I was receiving more mess on top of the mess I already had.

I was doing the total opposite of Psalms 62:8 .

I was NOT trusting God

I obviously was pouring my heart out to my friends 1st and making them my refuge when they had limited resources.

Now I know that my 1st step to trusting God is to pour my heart out to Him 1st and not my girlfriends.