Even when you can't


Many times we find ourselves saying " today, i'm just not feeling it" and most of the time its when we wake up.

The " not feeling it " attitude can really determine how your day will go.

So, what can you do when you're not feeling it ?

1) Even when you feel pressured - Refocus your mental state

  • Find a quite moment : sit down

  • This is where you unfocus just for a couple minutes on your"TO-DO" list.

  • Tell your self that YOU'RE CAPABLE & remind your-self of things you've conquered before. - If you were able to do that you can definitely do this

2) Even when there is lots of negativity - Change your environment

  • Create a new vibe by Listening to a Song, sermon, message that has a positive message - THE GOAL IS TO SHUT UP NEGATIVITY & NOT ADD MORE TO IT.

  • Finding a work space is important . The last thing you want is to work in your room all day and when its time for bed still feel stressed because you didn't place a limit and you feel trapped.

3) Even when things are messy- Organize your overwhelmness

  • Write down what you have to do for the day

  • Be reasonable with how many thing you have and can do - don't try doing 5 things that you know usually can't be done in a day

  • Start one at a time and focus one at a time

  • Set a time you want to start and finish them by so you can have that push to finish them

  • REMEMBER: If you couldn't finish it all that day then pick up where you left of the next day - YOU DID YOUR BEST, YOU GAVE IT YOU ALL, JUST BY STARTING YOU'RE ACCOMPLISHING A LOT !

4) Even when you're not felling it- treat yo self!

  • Maybe you get stress or you start to get overwhelmed again, find something that gets you motivated or happy

  • GOODIES- prepare or buys a good cup of coffee or any drink or even snack that give you a motive to keep working

  • ASK FOR MOTIVATION- It can be facetiming, calling, texting someone you know is always capable of pushing you

5) Even when you're not done- REST !

  • Set up a Break schedule . This will help you take weight off your mind

  • DON'T ABUSE of your breaks. If you know that a long break can make you lazy then create short breaks that are no more than 15 minutes.

  • Once you're done , you're done for the day , don't step foot in that working space till the next day

  • Work is work, rest is rest, sleep is sleep . Don't combine work in your rest time because you'll never feel like you've " recharged " your body, mind and soul.