Not what I'm used to

"It's not what I am used to" , a phrase I found myself saying as an excuse to not get out of my comfort zone or when change needed to happen.

When I was face with a challenge to change I would cry to God how hard the journey was because I wasn't " USED" to it.

Then it snapped in my mind. I was over here asking God for NEW starts, new friendships, to remove bad habits, thoughts and life style but complaining that the changing process was not what I was used to.

SO WHAT DO YOU WANT , SAMANTHA ?!, that's what I thought .

Do you want something used that looks new but wont last long or do you want something NEW that will last forever?

Do you want to repeat pain from the past, experiences from the past or a fresh start?

If God said that he makes ALL THINGS new that includes a new mindset, new desires, new friends, new heart , new vocabulary, new abilities.. NEW EVERYTHING!

He doesn't what you to have something you're "Used"" to because what you were used to was what separated you from Him !

If you want "NEW' be ready for a challenge, be ready to get our of your comfort zone.